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Up & Over Timber Garage Doors in Grantham

Overview of Timber Garage Doors

Discover the beauty and functionality of timber garage doors with our expert fitting services. Whether you're interested in up & over garage doors or automatic garage doors, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

About the Installation of Timber Garage Doors in Grantham

We fitted stunning timber garage doors in a village near Grantham, featuring Liftmaster LM60 automatic operators. The bespoke frames maximise garage space.

About the Installation

We fitted these Timber Garage Doors in a lovely village location just out side of Grantham. They are Garador Timber Garage Doors, Fitted with Liftmaster LM60 Automatic Operators. We fitted the bespoke timber frames inside the brickwork on this new property. Being able to fit the frames and doors so close to the front of the garage gave maximum room inside the garage.

Available Styles of Timber Garage Doors

This Shevron style is just one of the many styles of Timber Garage Doors that are availiable from Garador, we also do a range or Side Hinged and Up & Over Garage Doors from Woodrite as well as a range of Timber Sectional Garage Doors from GDS. If you'd like a look you can download the manufacturers brochures at the bottom right hand corner of this website. We are also very happy to send out any brochures or bring round some solid samples for you to look at.

We are really happy with this job, especially how well the doors match the rest of the timber work on the house.

What are the Benefits of Timber Garage Doors?

Our installations are attractive, provide enhanced security, and seamless integration with your home's design. Contact GDCG for more information.

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