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We offer an extensive range of shade solutions, including awnings, screens, pergola awnings, and Dutch canopies, all of which can be customised for your home or business. These shading solutions provide practical and aesthetic benefits, making them a valuable addition to any property.

The Benefits of Awnings

Sun Protection

Awnings offer effective protection from the sun. During warmer months, they can significantly reduce the heat and glare entering through windows, helping to keep indoor spaces cooler and more comfortable. They also provide a sheltered outdoor space for relaxation and dining with family.

Premium brands like Markilux offer drop sides to further increase protection. Premium fabrics from Base Dixon and Markilux Sunsilk provide elevated UV protection up to UPF 50+, ensuring you and your family stay safe from harmful rays.

Extending Usable Outdoor Spaces

Awnings and pergola awnings extend the usability of your outdoor spaces. Whether for a residential setting or a commercial property, an awning creates a sheltered area that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

This is ideal for outdoor seating areas in cafes or restaurants, as well as patios and decks in homes, enhancing the functionality of these spaces. With the addition of lights and heaters, these spaces become focal points into the evening, allowing you to make the most of your garden throughout the summer.

Branding Opportunities

Awnings and Dutch canopies can be great branding tools for businesses. They provide visible space for company logos and slogans, increasing brand visibility and promotional opportunities directly outside your establishment.

Smart Home Integration

All our awnings can be manual or automatic in operation and can integrate with existing smart home systems such as Alexa and Google. This makes them effortless to use and schedule, even when you're not at home.

Markilux Awnings: Sophisticated Sun Protection



The Markilux MX-3 awning combines cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality, making it a standout choice for residential and commercial spaces.

Known for its sleek, full-cassette design, the MX-3 ensures that all mechanical parts are neatly concealed when retracted, preserving the aesthetic integrity of the surrounding environment. This model is customisable in terms of sise, fabric options, and frame colors, allowing for a perfect match with any architectural style.

The MX-3 offers a maximum width of up to 6 meters and can project out to 3.5 meters. Automatic operation is provided with Somfy IO range motors, and advanced features such as LED lighting enhance convenience and usability.

Durable and designed to withstand inclement weather conditions, the MX-3 offers a sophisticated shading solution that blends style, technology, and high performance.



The Markilux 6000 awning stands as a testament to exceptional German engineering, offering a blend of robust functionality and elegant design.

This full-cassette awning is renowned for its high-quality construction and ability to seamlessly integrate into any architectural style.

It offers a maximum width of 7 meters and projects to 4 meters, making it an ideal solution for shading large spaces. With options for LED lighting and a variety of control mechanisms, including remote operation and integration with smart home systems, the Markilux 6000 ensures ease of use and comfort.

Its strong wind resistance makes it suitable for a wide range of climates, while the customisable color and fabric options allow for personalisation to suit individual tastes and requirements.



The Markilux pergola awning system combines robust construction with sleek design to enhance outdoor living spaces. It is particularly suited for larger areas, providing reliable protection from sun and inclement weather with its sturdy frame and high-quality fabrics.

Unlike other awning types, the projection on a pergola awning is not limited by its width. Markilux pergola awnings require a more substantial foundation due to their larger sise and the need to withstand weather elements. They often use posts or columns that need to be fixed into the ground, providing stability and support.

The Tracfix system secures the fabric in the lateral guide tracks, offering a cleaner appearance and better protection from the elements. With three variations—Classic/Cubic, Compact, and Stretch—there is an option suitable for any outdoor space.

These pergola awnings are customisable with features like LED lighting and motorised controls, making them easy to adjust for comfort and ambiance.



The Markilux 990 awning is an excellent choice for those needing a compact and stylish sunshade solution for smaller spaces like balconies and terraces. Its full-cassette design ensures that when retracted, both the fabric and folding arms are completely enclosed, protecting them from the elements and maintaining a sleek look that integrates smoothly with your property’s facade.

Despite its slim profile, the Markilux 990 doesn't compromise on functionality, offering options like motorised operation, wind sensors, and LED lighting to enhance usability and comfort.

The Markilux 990 supports a variety of installation methods, including wall, ceiling, and rafter mounting, making it versatile for different architectural needs. It provides a maximum width of 5 meters and projects to 3 meters.

This model's robust construction and technological features like the optional bionic tendon for quiet and smooth operation, and Somfy motor options for manual or automatic operation, make it a top choice for stylish and functional shade solutions.

Base Awnings: Versatility, Quality & Customisation Options



The "Base Plus" model is one of the most popular in their collection, providing robust functionality with fully enclosed arms and fabric. This design offers greater protection and durability, extending the product's lifespan.

The Base Plus awning can span up to 6 meters with a maximum projection of 3.1 meters and can be operated manually or automatically.

With automatic control and motors provided by Somfy, the leading brand in tube motors and smart home control, this model is available in several color options and can be customised with features like optional LED arms, adding functional elegance to any setting.



The Base Lite awning is a superb choice for enhancing outdoor spaces with its fully cassetted system featuring a sleek aluminum coating for superior durability. Designed specifically for smaller patios, it is ideal for both homes and small businesses.

The Base Lite model can span up to 4 meters with a maximum projection of 2.6 meters and can be operated manually or automatically with Somfy motors. With its clean and modern appearance, the Base Lite awning merges functionality with style, providing a practical yet elegant shade solution that complements any exterior decor.

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