Enhance Your Home with a Double Automatic Garage Door

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Double Automatic Garage Door - a Modern Solution for Homeowners

Last week, we had the pleasure of fitting a stunning double automatic garage door for a homeowner in Grantham. The final look was truly impressive, especially with how the door glistened in the sunlight. The addition of windows in the door was a particularly thoughtful touch, allowing ample natural light to flood into the garage even when the door is closed. This simple feature can transform the garage from a dark space into a bright, welcoming area.

Initially, the garage in question had two separate doors divided by a central pillar. Our team collaborated closely with a skilled builder to remove this pillar and install a new RSJ (rolled steel joist), ensuring the structure remained sound and secure.

Once the structural work was completed, we installed the new double automatic garage door, providing a seamless, all-in-one service for the homeowner. This approach not only simplifies the process for the customer but also means they receive one comprehensive bill, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and invoices.

Another Success in Newark

Following the Grantham project, we moved on to Newark, where we installed a nearly identical double automatic garage door. Although the panels and windows chosen by the Newark homeowner were slightly different, the overall effect was just as impressive. As with the Grantham job, this installation required the removal of a central pillar and the fitting of a new RSJ to accommodate the new door.

This type of work is becoming increasingly common for us. More and more homeowners are opting to replace their old, narrow garage doors with wider, double automatic versions. There are several reasons for this trend, but a significant factor is the increasing size of modern cars. Many families find that their vehicles simply don’t fit comfortably through the narrower, traditional garage doors. By widening the entry with a double automatic garage door, homeowners can make their garages far more functional and accessible.

The Benefits of Double Automatic Garage Doors

There’s something undeniably appealing about a double automatic garage door. For one, it offers a sleek, modern aesthetic that can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. But beyond looks, there are practical benefits that make this upgrade worthwhile.

Convenience: With a double automatic garage door, you can open and close your garage with the push of a button. This convenience is especially appreciated during bad weather - you can stay dry and warm inside your car while the door opens or closes.

Increased Space: By removing the central pillar and widening the garage opening, you gain more space to manoeuvre your vehicle. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a larger car or if your garage doubles as a workshop or storage area.

Natural Light: As mentioned earlier, incorporating windows into the design of your garage door can bring in natural light, making the garage a more pleasant place to be. Whether you use your garage for parking, storage, or as a hobby space, good lighting can make a big difference.

Enhanced Security: Modern double automatic garage doors come with advanced security features that can help protect your home. With strong locking mechanisms and rolling code technology, these doors provide a strong line of defence against potential intruders.

Why Choose Our All-In-One Service?

One of the things that set our service apart is the all-in-one approach we offer. We understand that having construction work done on your home can be stressful, particularly when it involves coordinating multiple contractors. That’s why we take care of everything for you.

From the initial structural modifications, such as removing the central pillar and installing an RSJ, to the final installation of your new double automatic garage door, we handle it all. This means you have one point of contact throughout the project, simplifying communication and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

A Growing Trend

The move towards double automatic garage doors reflects broader changes in how we use and think about our homes. As cars grow larger and we accumulate more possessions, the need for versatile, functional spaces becomes more pressing. A wider garage door can make a world of difference, transforming a cramped, difficult-to-use space into one that is accessible and practical.

Also, the aesthetic appeal of a double automatic garage door cannot be understated. It gives a home a modern, updated look that can increase its value and attractiveness. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for many years or considering selling in the near future, this kind of upgrade can be a smart investment.

Installing a double automatic garage door is more than just a practical upgrade - it’s a way to enhance the functionality and appearance of your home. With our all-in-one service, you can enjoy the benefits of this modern feature without the hassle of managing multiple contractors. From Grantham to Newark and beyond, we’re here to help homeowners make the most of their garages.

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